Jorge Neri Bonilla- Networks

The new issue of Cambio 16 is already on newsstands. As we release the new Networks page, where you’ll find information about what’s happening on the Internet and links with which to discover interesting new accounts.

These are the issues that we in the magazine:


The most NGOs influential in social networks in Spain have thousands of followers and an activity tuitfrenética daily. The ranking -made annually by the consumer organization FACUA and closed in March- the head of Greenpeace environmentalists. The first nine of 2014 recur positions.

1GreenpeaceGreenpeace Spain greenpeace_esp

521,000 followers (rounded to thousands), 10% more than in 2014.

2DerechosHumanosHuman Rights Declaracion

It is the most followers have joined. 452,000 against 380,000 in 2014.

3MedicosSinFronterasMSF MSF_espana

His work convinces 330,000 (292,000 last year).

4AmigosTierraFriends of the Earth AmigosTierraEsp

In Twitter for six years, he has 278,000 followers (+12,000).

5GlobalHumanitariaGlobal Humanitarian ghumanitaria

Fight for the rights of children with 197,000 followers (6000).

6Unicef  Unicef ​​Spain unicef_es

192,000. It has increased by 15% compared with their 2014 followers.

7HazloPosibleFoundation Hazloposible Ivoluntariado

The volunteer network has trapped 168,000 people (5000).

7FacuaFACUA facua

The consumer association 2nd most followers in the world (161,000).


134,000 followers of aid to refugees and win followers (+10,000).

10Amnistia  Amnesty Spain amnistiaespana

Enters the list with 100,000 (16,000) and supersedes Voices.

Can you imagine know in real time how many tweets are released and the second source, see on your screen all commercial flights that ply the skies that time or know where in the world is just produdir an earthquake? On the Internet there are several websites that offer information instantly on the most diverse topics. The main attraction of these sites is based on its usefulness and its ability to satisfy the curiosity of the audience.270920151

1. Activity on Twitter:
2. Internet activity:
4. Locator earthquakes:
May. Count world population:
June. Traffic situation: and

In the social network in which photography is the star, could not miss thecaptured from heaven by drones. Such is the amount of users eager to show their pictures that a French company created, one community to publish and share these snapshots that has thousands of fans.

Instagram accounts with the drones as protagonists:





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