Many Specialists Working As One – Potentium

Potentium redefines the truly multi-disciplinary 360 degrees advisory and investment group. We are focused on delivering results to the energy sector in Latin America.

Trying times for Energy Organizations demand new approaches. Potentium came about because traditional disciplines of investment banking, consulting, communications, don’t have an incentive to combine their knowledge – and clients were asking us for comprehensive help.

Potentium’s unique multidisciplinary approach combines the knowledge of different disciplines to improve approach and deliver more effectively and efficiently.

That combination warranties the effective project execution across the whole Energy Investment and Development Lifecycle, the implementation of solutions, and the finding of financial resources that make Energy organizations more efficient (deliver results faster) and more effective (deliver better competitive results) at the corporate and project level.

Recent Work


Organizational Structure Planning and implementation of an Investor Relations Office for a large NOC.

Organizational Structure Planning of the Legal Department for one of the world’s Top10 oil companies.

Designing and Creating the PMO (Project Management Office) overseeing USD 250 Billion worth of projects.

Strategy for the reactivation of 4000 inactive oil wells for a large oil company.


Design and implementation of an international communication strategy for a leading NOC (National Oil Company) in the region to improve its corporate reputation and access to international financial markets.

Design and implementation of a Latin American communication strategy for an international oil company.


We publish Energía 16, the first English and Spanish multi-platform publication for 125,000 decision makers executives specializing in the energy sector in Latin America, as well as country and industry specialized reports.

What if we work together?

As a group we are the first to offer integrated executive advisory, execution, financing, and investor relations services to the industry and the region

Potentium is a leading provider of executive advisory services, investment banking, and investment funds focused on the energy sector in Latin America. The Latin American energy sector is challenged to find necessary investment in an era of low commodity prices.

Potentium services cover the entire “Energy Investment and Development Lifecycle”. We provide industry intelligence, expert practical advice including:

– Market intelligence and opportunity identification.

– How to attract investors, and efficiently manage investor relations and stakeholders communications

– Portfolio management: Where to invest and where to dis-invest.

– Identifying the best structure for investment and partnerships, and the optimal investor and partner strategy.

– How to maximize efficiency and cut project or operations cost

Each one of our business units is a competitive advisory/implementation specialist in its field and in the region. Our units work synergistically with the maximum level of coordination that translates into better, multi angled answers and solutions and tangible results in record time.

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