Fracking in UK approved at national parks

The British Parliament passed on Wednesday a regulation that will allow the extraction of hydrocarbons by hydraulic fracturing from the subsoil classified as National Park.

The regulation passed by the House of Commons −with 298 votes in favor and 261 votes against− allows fracking 1,200 meters below the subsoil of natural zones, as long as drilling takes place from outside protected areas.

The proposal, which also applies to zones of “outstanding natural beauty”, the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, and world heritage sites, was introduced on Tuesday afternoon by the Government and was voted on Wednesday without a debate in the chamber.

A Department of Energy and Climate Change spokesperson said that the UK had one of the best track records in the world for protecting the environment while developing industries. “These regulations will get this vital industry moving while protecting our environment and people,” the spokesperson added, highlighting that “with the right standards in place fracking can take place safely.”

The shadow energy and climate secretary Lisa Nandy accused the government of using “a parliamentary back door” to pass these regulations “without a proper debate”. “Fracking should not go ahead in Britain until stronger safeguards are in place to protect drinking water sources and sensitive parts of our countryside like national parks,” Nandy said in a statement.
Post by Jorge Neri Bonilla

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